For a good number of years I’ve kept a sharp eye on happenings in the world and it’s a big thanks to the websites I read daily for my news.

Finding truth is not easy!

Finding people that will tell you the truth on a consistent basis is not easy either.

DISCLAIMER:  I am a political libertarian and could easily be considered a “Rothbardian“.  I believe in liberty, freedom, and do my best to follow outlets that have consistently told me the truth over a long period of time.

Instead of making instant or snap political judgements, I pose a challenge to you the reader.

Start reading the following sites consistently for 3 to 4 months and you will learn more in those months then you most likely have learned in your entire life combined.


The Armstrong Economics Blog

The Martin Armstrong Economics Blog

Martin Armstrong is quite simply one of the smartest people you are going to find anywhere when it comes to history, politics, economics, and happenings around the world at any given time.

He possesses a sharp intellect and has had to deal with people in power who robbed others, but then tried to blame it on Martin.

This is a man who has been asked to advise presidents and some of the best economic minds in the world.

His World Economic Conference is in direct opposition to the Davos crowd of whom are a part of the World Economic Forum, of whom are currently bringing us all hell on earth at the time of this posting.

I read his blog EVERY single day without fail and I generally read every single article.


The Lew Rockwell Blog

The Lew Rockwell Blog

Lew leads a sharp collection of libertarian writers would get a Nobel peace prize in a sane world or something in return for the multitude of predictions they have gotten right over the years when it comes the people that lie to you and me daily.

They deserve your readership and consideration as a news source.

If you want to get a sense of the man Lew Rockwell himself, listen to one of his podcasts, blog posts, or articles by using the toggle on THIS PAGE.

There is a reason they rarely if ever invite him on mainstream TV.  He literally would rip anyone who went up against him intellectually to shreds.  This is a highly intelligent man with a highly intelligent group of writers.

HIGHLY recommend and I have been reading his blog weekly for well over a decade.



Zero Hedge Logo

Zerohedge has a skilled group of writers who write daily on stuff I love.

Crypto, Politics, Stocks and “sometimes” a little bit of pop culture if a scandal is happening.

They seem to do a really good job covering stories from a libertarian angle and I really, really enjoy the comments section on Zerohedge where there are a lot of intelligent contributors (and a lot of knuckleheads) who will sometimes make you laugh out loud.


Ben Swann

Ben Swann - Journalist

I’ve been following Ben Swann since the days he was a blazing anchor on Fox in Ohio who told WAY too much truth for the corporate heads there.

He did a segment called “Reality Check” and it was fantastic.

I remember being elated seeing him get an interview with Obama and forcing Obama to talk around some VERY tough questioning that you don’t see from mainstream new anchors.

(Bonus points if you can name all the things Obama lied or refused to talk about in the linked video above now that’s it’s 2021.  Like the Afghan war would be over in 2014?)

This is a guy who can break a big story down and really get to the nitty gritty.  Ben is the epitome of what a true investigative journalist should be.

He seemingly tells it like it is and is not at all afraid to tackle sensitive stories or topics.


John Stossel

John Stossel

John is another guy I’ve followed for a long time.

He had a personal epiphany when he was a consumer reporter that lawyers and the media were taking advantage of businesses with frivolous lawsuits.

But, that wasn’t all.

John also became a libertarian and is one of the better advocates of the philosophy.

He makes some of the best videos I have ever seen to make his points using his devil’s advocate style of interviewing and the use of props in his segments.

I don’t trust him to the level I do the with the people above because of his long associations in corporate media, and Reason TV/Media, which sometimes makes good points but is an organization I think is meant to destroy or muddle the meaning of what it means to be a libertarian.


The Conspiracy Reddit

The Conspiracy Reddit

After years of hearing the word “conspiracy” thrown around, it became extremely obvious to me after a long time that it is a word used to discredit (in most cases, not all) actually TRUTHFUL information that the government or those in media do not wanting you knowing the real truth regarding.

If I hear or read them call “ANYTHING” a conspiracy nowadays, and many of the media talking heads repeat the same thing, in almost all cases that story is FALSE or a HALF or QUARTER truth.

I do not trust the owners of Reddit.

If I find a better source in the future that is consistent with neat information, I will post it here.

However, many of the people who post on the following reddit sub are some VERY bright people that are looking outside the box constantly.

These are the type of people you should CELEBRATE in upcoming societies, not DENIGRATE.

Open your mind, learn, listen, and debate with these folks if you disagree.


These are my primary daily and weekly news sources.

If I find any new sources I like and trust (or any I have forgotten) I will add them to this list here.

If any of the above sources break my trust for any reason, I will be sure to post about that as well to let you know so you can decide for yourself.

If you have news sources you would like to tell me about, feel free to comment below and let me know which ones you watch daily and weekly.

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