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I bought this coin in late September of 2021 around the 0.00000279 range for around $500 or so.

Keep in mind those are a lot of ZEROES before hitting one cent.

I currently own 206,172,725 of this coin!

That’s 2 hundred and 6 million, one hundred and seventy two-thousand, and seventy five coins worth of ApeNFT that I am holding.

Investments like this are what makes investing fun in my view!

– If this coin can simply hit 1 cent I could cash out at a little over 2 million dollars.
– If this coin can simply hit 1 dollar I could cash out at a little over 20 million dollars.
– If this coin can hit $10 dollars I could cash out at a little over 200 million dollars.
– If this coin can hit $100 dollars I could cash out at a little over 2,000,000 billion dollars.

Will the above numbers most likely happen?


However, you never know when a meme coin or a coin that cleverly named itself “NFT” might make a big run at some point to take my investment back and let the rest ride. 

What does APENFT do?

First off, what is an NFT?

“NFT” is not only the symbol for APENFT, but it stands for “Non-Fungible Token”.

What does non-fungible mean in this sense?

It means the coin cannot be copied nor altered and it is stored on a blockchain, of which all cryptocurrency exists upon.

NFT’s are a way to “tokenize” (or turn into a coin) everyday…..well…..ANYTHING…..into digital art.   

This digital art via “smart contracts” can be bought and re-sold over and over again.  You can set parameters where you get paid 10 percent every single time it sells.

“People have long used art to store value,” Rodriguez-Fraile told Insider. “Crypto extends easily into digital art. This is just a more modern approach to investing in art and using it like someone would use gold or bitcoin.”

This is the most common reason you will often read or hear for people spending UNGODLY amounts of money on NFT’s during this time period.   There are many other reasons that I am still discovering.

For instance.

I own a Women’s Wrestling business.

I have many fans who have wives and girlfriends and can’t purchase PHYSICAL autographs from our company. 

They could however purchase digital NFT autographs of the girls that they could then buy and sell at anytime they wish.

This is one of many very interesting use cases for this new technology.

Of which, brings me back to APENFT and why I’m writing this article.

At the time of this writing, the price is still barely over 3 fractions of a cent.

Here are some reasons I think it could be a decent play long term:

– Out of the thousands of coins out there they secured the name “NFT” for their token.  Very well done!
– APENFT is affiliated with the same company that owns Tron (TRX) and Bittorrent (BTT)
– APENFT’s will be delivered on the Ethereum/Tron network and the Bittorrent file system.  
– Justin Sun has given some works to the APENFT foundation to hold as a custodian with Christies.  Justin has made waves many times by purchasing highly expensive NFT’s and paying big money for a lunch with Warren Buffett to try to convince him to invest in cryptocurrency.  The young owner is a bulldog (like him or not) and he seems like he has the ability to make some more waves in the crypto space going forward.
– I noticed some write-ups that suggested that APENFT might be working with major celebrities, but I cannot confirm that at the time of this writing.
– It was registered in Singapore on March 29th 2021.  It’s still VERY brand new and is not offered on United States exchanges at the time of this writing as of yet.
– The APENFT foundation has partnered with Christie’s and Sotheby’s for digital artwork purposes!   Do have any idea how big those art companies are?   One of the primary goals of Ape is to register world class artwork on the blockchain.  For instance, do you want a signed Mona Lisa or a digitally signed Mona Lisa in terms of better proof?
– Rival competitors like Rarible are currently $17 at the time of this writing with an all time high of $46.70.  (Rarible has a supply of 25 million vs a Quadrillion for APENFT so more than likely Rarible will always be a higher price than APENFT unless Rarible goes out of business at some point)
– To save making a big list of rival competitors, take a look at THIS LIST from Coingecko of coins and companies that are listed in the NFT section.  Most of them at the time of this writing are priced VERY healthy which could potentially bode very well for APENFT in the long run if NFT’s are truly something that are here to stay and not just a passing fad.  



– the supply for this coin is 1 Quadrillion.  That’s extremely hefty.  There is 20 trillion in circulation at the time of this posting.   Thus, it will take a whole lot of investors to push the price upwards OR at some point maybe APENFT will start burning some of their coins thereby making them deflationary.

Where to Stake APENFT?   (you will need the TronLink App here)
(watch the video below to see how to stake it on JustLend)

Where to Purchase APENFT?

I highly recommend Kucoin – (JOIN HERE FOR FREE) – no matter where you are in the world, even if you live in the United States.

You can purchase using USDT (Tether) or you can buy and hold the coin Tron (TRX) and trade against the price movements of NFT.

Disclaimer:  I am not a financial advisor.  I post about cryptocurrencies for educational purposes and for fun.  When investing in ANYTHING, you should never invest simply because someone recommends doing so.  We all have our blind spots, so to speak.  Do your own research.  Make your own decisions.  Engage in critical thinking before putting your money in anything where you could potentially lose it.

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