Klever, much like the name implies, is a slick little cryptocurrency app that you can download onto your phone.

Klever is decentralized and it’s peer to peer. Meaning, me to you.

It’s a self custody wallet network. YOU own your private keys.

YOU MUST put these private keys in a safe place because not even the people at Klever can access your account.

Once you download Klever you will need to purchase some crypto with your credit card and they use a service called Simplex to do so.

Klever is also a cryptocurrency.

The symbol is “KLV”.

You can buy it the coin directly on Klever if you believe in the company or you can purchase it very easily on Kucoin.

Klever is already or will be offering all types of services, including Klever Exchange, Klever Bank, and the Klever exchange.

The neatest thing about this little app is that some people simply don’t want to give a driver’s license or an eye scan to these big exchanges simply to be able to purchase crypto.

Klever is one of the only places I know of currently where you can bypass that process at this point in time.


If you use the link above vs signing up alone, we both get a little bonus financially!

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