How to Make Money Daily with the Coinbase Debit Card


I found something really cool back in August or September of 2021.

I was playing around in my Coinbase account and noticed that they had finally issued their Coinbase Debit Card they have been talking about for a couple of years.

At first, I really didn’t think much about it.

But, then I started looking into it.

After closer observation I learned that on EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE YOU MAKE with the card, no matter if it’s the actual physical debit card they send you in the mail OR the virtual card that you use on Coinbase you get money back in crypto for every single purchase you make.

That’s wild!

I’ve got some cash back with credit cards before, but nothing like this.

In the “Pay” section of your Coinbase account you can set the card (on every single purchase you make) to pay you back:

– 1 percent in Bitcoin
– 1 percent in Ethereum
– 1 percent in Dai – (a stablecoin if you don’t want something that might go down later)
– 4 percent in XLM
– 4 percent in GRT (my pick)

In just a few months I’ve made a few hundred dollars for free on purchases I make everyday, like my rent, and even some medical bills I had to pay.

Since August 3rd of 2021 to this post today October 8th 2021 I’ve earned $319.66 in GRT for that very short time frame.

What’s even better, is that the coin I chose as a rebate GRT (The Graph) is a cryptocurrency company that I think has ridiculous potential.  The fact that I’m getting GRT right now for well under $1 is something that I’m just thrilled beyond belief about.

What I’m about to present to you is only available currently (to the best of my knowledge) to United States residents.

No matter if you a Man or Woman, Young or Old, you should consider doing this.

You will have to learn how to deposit your dollars into Coinbase (best method is Paypal for a small fee and it’s instant) and once the money is in your Coinbase account from Paypal you are going to want to turn the money from United States Dollars (USD) into United States Dollar Coin (USDC).

USDC is a crypto stablecoin that stays 1 to 1 to the dollar the vast majority of the year.

That’s what stablecoins are if you ever hear the term.

They are controversial at the moment, so exhibit care before doing anything I suggest here and do not do any of this with every dollar you own.

I have provided videos below explaining how to do everything.

Before watching the videos below, if you are not signed up for Coinbase, SIGN UP HERE.

You and I will receive a commission by you using the link above vs signing up alone.



If I missed ANY steps at all, feel free to comment and I will insert a video on any steps missed.

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