Minds social media is a network designed for people who value free speech.

It was recently revealed in the last few years that companies like Facebook and Twitter use algorithms to “shadow ban” individuals, pages, or groups that do not share the views of those higher up in these organizations.

“Shadow Banning” someone is the act of hiding someone’s posts from the general feed and limiting it’s distribution.

More disturbing, the United States has always been considered the land of freedom. However, you are not allowed to have alternative views anymore if you are on Facebook and Twitter. They will automatically tag your postings and claim that the information is false.

These companies are not Gods.

NOR, are they correct on the things they are attempting to censor in my opinion.

In a free society, we debate and discuss things.

Only those who have something to hide will censor viewpoints they don’t like.

Thus, I encourage anyone and everyone (male and female alike) to begin the process of moving away from these platforms.

I understand it’s not easy.

They have become an integral part of our life. It will be especially hard for those of you with big followings.

And, I admit I have no idea if Minds will ever become compromised like the big social media companies have been.


I had read that the founder – Bill Ottman – is a libertarian and he was interviewed here. The interview also includes a lot of great points about the company as a social network that I did not include here if you want to give it a quick read.

Note:  You can also…..READ THE MINDS WHITEPAPER for extensive info on the plans and goals of the company.  

Here are the things I personally like the most about Minds:

  • You get paid in MINDS cryptocurrency to participate. You get paid by commenting on other people’s posts, making your own posts, simply interacting with posts in terms of voting things up or down, or “reminding” something, which is the same as re-tweeting.  Minds can be converted to your currency of choice on the cryptocurrency market.
  • NSFW is allowed on Minds.  Make sure you go to your settings and check whether or not you want NSFW content displayed to you.
  • MINDS has a referral program.  You get paid when you refer friends and family and I do believe it’s for the life of the referral at the time of this posting.  ALSO.  Anytime you share any of your postings that you post on Minds on another social network, or in an email, you can attach your affiliate link to the end of that link just like this:  ?referrer=femalewrestling
  • If I understand things correctly, the entire site is built on top of Ethereum!  How cool is that?  Considering sites like Parlor got dropped simply because they were using Amazon’s web servers, that’s a really big signal for me that Minds could be around for a really, really long time.  (I’ve been told Ethereum is a huge supercomputer)
  • If you are a content creator, influencer, or simply want to earn more coins on the network, you can join MINDS PLUS for only $5 per month.
  • It’s largely decentralized and they will have a jury vote on content disputes.  I still think this concept needs a lot of work, but I get the general concept.

Would love to see everyone I know and those of you don’t yet JOIN RIGHT NOW!

Please use the following link to start your account on MINDS:

At the time of this posting, you can currently download the app in the Google Play Store and in the Apple Store.

Keep in mind, at first, it’s going to be lonely.  But, follow some people, invite everyone you know, and start posting every single day.  I will try to interact with your postings as well if you message me your account handle on Minds. 

(as long as your postings are interesting!)

Here are some places you can learn more about MINDS Social Network:

Bill Ottman at Crunchbase
Scott Cunningham interviews Bill Ottman in a PublishOX article(earn yourself and Presearch free money by tipping their posts from the PublishOX bonus pool)
250,000 Taiwanese flock to Minds due to privacy concerns regarding Twitter
How to earn off-chain Minds tokens with Liquidity!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

*Nothing here is financial advice.  Do your own research.  Also, some of the links on this page may pay me a commission if you interact or do business through them. *


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