Tim Box - Mind Coach

Tim Box is a Mind Coach.

I think he is a very important person and someone a lot of clinical psychologists and therapists could learn a lot from.

And, you.

I think you could learn a lot from Tim Box.

He has is a extremely genuine person and truly cares a lot about the people he interacts with.

He WANTS to help you.

Not only can you see it in his face and the way he comes across, but I know this because he helped me personally and I have interacted with him through video.

As for myself, I was creating a great amount of anxiety over the fact that I suddenly developed “sleep onset insomnia” this year.

I remember saying out loud at the time that when I started to worry about it or get overly mad about it that it felt like “adrenaline was pouring out in my stomach”.

As Tim notes, this is simply cortisol building up.

Cortisol being the FIGHT or FLIGHT hormone.

When it comes to dealing with anxiety, there are a lot of great points Tim makes on the subject.

Here are a few that helped me personally.

  • EVERYONE has anxiety. It is not a disorder.  What happens, is when you start to think you are dealing with a “disorder” it can often lead to you feeling mentally damaged.  I remember before finding Tim Box that I would tell my girlfriend that I have suddenly become a “head case”.  She would say often, you have not!   She was correct.  It’s a disturbing fact that many doctors and therapists and psychologists treat anxiety with hard drugs.  And, they write down that you have an ANXIETY DISORDER.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Anxiety is something we all deal with every single day in some form or fashion.  Anxiety gets worse when we tend to focus on it and give the “feeling of anxiety” itself more importance than it deserves.
  • Anxiety is your brain’s way of telling you that you have something important you need to focus on. Imagine if we didn’t have anxiety at all?  Nobody would get anything done.  The way you personally look at your anxiety and handle it is the most important thing. Tim often notes that it is important to be kind to yourself.  So many of us beat ourselves up when anxiety starts to take over our lives. This creates a loop where the feelings of anxiety can often get much worse and will even manifest into physical things like feeling chest pain or feeling like we can’t breathe.
  • Tim Box often uses the analogy of the “Captain” and “The Crew”. The captain is your conscious. The crew is your sub-conscious.  Anxiety and over-thinking are often just your crew letting you know that you have important things to do.  As the Captain of your ship, are you going to yell at your crew members?  Are you going to treat them badly?  Tim points out often that your crew is there to help you.  They might not always be correct in the thinking they bring to you, but as the Captain, you can help teach and inform them what is important, what is not, and what is true or false.
  • Tim does not recommend the use of drugs to overcome your anxiety.  It’s something you can defeat yourself by knowing what anxiety is and how to deal with it.  Tim is VERY GOOD at teaching people how to do this and has a very successful track record.

I found Tim completely by accident.

I was searching videos on Youtube regarding Insomnia and his “Ted Talk” popped up in the right hand column as a video suggestion.

Once I saw this short Ted Talk from him, I knew I liked the guy.

Watch it here, it’s really, really profound:

From there, I searched him out.

I found out he has a Youtube Channel and has already made a lot of videos.

Tim has made a good amount of short videos that deal with different aspects of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Feel free to go to his Youtube Channel and look through his videos and decide what situations apply to you personally.

Take a little bit of your time and hear the man out.

Even if you are not dealing with anxiety at this moment, it’s certain that at some point you will.

Secondly, it’s almost certain that you know someone who is dealing with anxiety.

Sending them his videos and training could literally make their life far, far better.

He even helped me through my onset insomnia. 

While I am not completely through it at the time of this posting, but helping me face and get control of my anxiety I do sleep every single night now.  Where before that I was staying up sometimes 40-60 hours without being able to get to sleep no matter how hard I tried.  He explained to me that the melatonin that is produced at night was fighting with the cortisol I was producing every single time I got anxious about my sleep situation.


I again encourage you to give this man a good look.

He has videos on anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks and so much more.

He is also a hypnotist.

Tim uses something called “The Control System” that he developed that is very effective

Seek him out and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

NOTE: If you want to support the man financially and help yourself, sign up for his Member’s Only section on Youtube.  I am a happy member.  You get additional content and you can ask him questions every single week on the live streams that he does for members.

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