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Torum is a cryptocurrency centric social media platform I’ve been on for a little under a year now at the time of this posting.

I’ve lived through 2 or 3 major changes to the site design and functionality and as of November of 2021 the website is looking better than ever.

First off, what I don’t like about the site is that it is centralized.

Meaning, like many other social media companies, we could work hard for a long time to build our profiles and followers up, only for them to be taken away because some moderator holds a different opinion than myself or my companies.

This is why I am more interested than ever in decentralized social media. (I will be writing more about that in upcoming postings)

However, the people at Torum have been very nice to me personally thus far.

I like much more about the site than I dislike, by a mile!

My Female Wrestling Channel Fan Page on Torum has grown faster for me than any of the platforms the FWC has been on in a little under 10 years of existence.

And, every single day that I post on the site, and log in, I can earn the cryptocurrency token for Torum that is called XTM.

I had quite the surprise here in early November. Torum started out somewhere in the 10 cent range and then zoomed up to a high of around $2.20 cents at the time of this posting. I have been posting and referring people over the last year and I have about 500 XTM already built up. That means at this moment if I was to sell all of it I could cash out at around $1000.

Not bad!

However, I will be sitting on this company as they are doing a lot of neat things I’ve never seen anywhere else. You can get exclusive airdrops through the site, you can follow unique clans (think groups), they have their own decentralized finance system on the website, and I love that they give real incentives to their users (in the form of XTM) to be a part of the community day in and day out.

And, they have staking!

They have their very own “Torumgram” coming soon (think Instagram) and an NFT marketplace as well.

I have been wanting to write about this coin since I started this website, but the recent price movements got me started on this finally.

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Nothing on this site constitutes financial advice. I post about cryptocurrencies for educational purposes and for fun.  When investing in ANYTHING, you should never invest simply because someone recommends doing so.  We all have our blind spots, so to speak.  Do your own research.  Make your own decisions.  Engage in critical thinking before putting your money in anything where you could potentially lose it.

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